Create to Connect is a joint effort of 13 European cultural and research organizations to create powerful and long-lasting connections of artists, cultural operators, researchers and audience. The partners organizations have made commitment to several years researching and finding new approaches to educate the audience as well as the production models that will engage the audience in new innovative ways and trying to create new public arenas together with the audience, whether it be physically, through dialogue or participation.



The Create to Connect TOOL KIT  is out! Four interesting interviews were made with artists that CtC partners collaborate with and find to have interesting and innovativa epproaches to building relations with their audiences.

Markus Öhrn: WE ARE PREDATORS, ALL OF US – Create to Connect Tool-Kit Interview from Bunker Ljubljana on Vimeo.


Past projects…

The 5t Theatre Night in Prague
November 18, 2017, Prague

Miguel Pereira: HAPPY PIECE
November 22 – 25, 2017, Teatro Maria Matos, Lisbon

Siniša Ilić and Bojan Djordjev: ORIENTATION IN 100 REVOLUTIONS – 100 sq metres world map 
October 14, 2017, Art Gallery Nadežda Petrović, Čačak

20th International Festival Mladi Levi, Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 18 – 27, 2017, Ljubljana

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival, Groningen, The Netherlands
August 17 – 27t, 2017, Groningen

CtC Conference in OLOMOUC
May 13 and 14, 2017, Olomouc




Bunker AltArt Foundation Maria Matos Teatro Municipal Artsadmin Parc et Grande Halle de la Villette Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen Santarcangelo dei Teatri Arts and Theatre Institute Festival De Keuze / Rotterdamse Schouwburg Walking Theory

Fond B92 / Cultural Center REX Balkan Express Institute for Applied Theatre Studies